How do you edit on Iptv m3u list with Notepad++?

 You can easily integrate all m3u or m3u8 playlists with Notepad ++. If you open the m3u playlists using this editor (right-click on it and choose Edit using notepad ++), you will see a list of links and channel names, As in the example:

How do you edit on Iptv m3u list with Notepad++,edit m3u iptv lists

Each m3u playlist starts with # EXTM3U and continues with #EXTINF: -1 and the channel name. You can change the name of the channel as you like.

Once the line of the channel name is displayed, there must be a different URL for each channel. You can not change the URL of the channel. If you change it, the channel will not work.

Once you have finished editing the m3u playlist, you can save it with the Ctrl + S keys.
M3u_plus's Playlists:

The m3u_plus playlists differ slightly from the normal m3u playlists. More information contains #EXTINF: -1, fonts, not just the name of the channel. But you can also edit it using Notepad ++.

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